Sathishkumar Duraisamy

Embedded Software Engineer 


Experienced software engineer with strong passion and good experience in embedded systems, Linux, C, C++ and Python based software and its open source ecosystems.

Has worked with various projects based on embedded Linux, QNX, and FreeRTOS. Has involved from testing, developing drivers, developing application to architect software. Has  experience in scrum based software/product developments and holds scrum masters certification.

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I support for development of software in general and embedded systems in particular.
  • Linux Board bring up and Linux driver development.
  • Custom Embedded Linux system using Yoctoproject.
  • Development Embedded Linux or POSIX standard application 
  • Embedded and IoT application with RTOS like FreeRTOS, Zephyr, Nuttx.
  • Cross platform GUI development with Qt and/or PyQt, PySide.

I also provide support and setting up of testing environment for embedded systems, support for setting up of continuous integration using Jenkins or buildbot, provide consultancy for scrum based software development in particularly using Taiga, partial support for web development using python Django and provide partial support on setting up cloud servers in AWS or Digital Ocean cloud providers.